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Big Data and Big Elections

Harper Reed (CTO of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign) joins the Digital Nibbles Podcast at 6:00 p.m. on 3/20 to talk about big data and ...
Have you ever thought about getting a mommy makeover? You can now get a tummy tuck in Las Vegas and look and feel better than you have in years.

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Can’t face away from Facebook? It might be iDisorder

Ever heard of iDisorder? Chances are you know someone who has this very affliction. If you have children, they could easily suffer from iDiso ...

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Cloud Orchestration and Data Gravity – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 60

Allyson and Reuven are finally reunited this week for a new episode with a couple of great guests. First up, Michael Crandell (@michaelcrandell), the CEO of RightScale stops by to talk about cloud management in the cloud environment and bridging services (servers/network/storage) to run applications. He also weighs in on the PaaS vs. IaaS debate. Then Dave McCrory (@mccrory), the CTO of Basho, discusses distributed database technology and also the concept of Data Gravity – thinking about data as if it were a planet that builds mass and attracts additional Services and Applications. When data is large enough, it’s virtually impossible to move.

Show timeline:

0:00 – Introductions and News of the Week

9:17 – Interview with Michael Crandell

23:38 – Interview with Dave McCrory

36:52 – Wrap Up

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DN On The Road:

  • Marten Mickos at Structure
  • SoftLayer at Structure
  • Norwest Venture Partners at Structure
  • Inktank at Structure
  • JP Morgenthal at CloudCamp DC
  • CloudCamp Seoul with SkySQL and MariaDB
  • Cloud Computing in China with Intel's Billy Cox

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